Best 8 Things To do in Houston

Houston has a wide variety of exciting attractions, including a thriving theater scene, a fascinating museum district, adjacent amusement parks, a thriving craft beer scene, and a passionate sports fan base.

Spend the Day at the NASA Space Center Pretending to be an Astronaut:

Visit NASA’s Space Center and experience the wonders of space travel and the life of an astronaut for a day! At this Houston landmark, visitors can learn about the history of space exploration, observe astronauts in training, and examine authentic spaceships, astronaut uniforms, and interplanetary equipment. Visit the NASA cafeteria for some delicious out-of-this-world muffins and try out the anti-gravity equipment at the Living in Space gallery.

Houston Has a Complex System of Tunnels Beneath the City That You Should Check out:

Houston is home to North America’s most extensive underground tunnel system; exploring it with a knowledgeable guide on any given day is a guaranteed good time. More than 7.5 miles long, the intricate tunnel system connects numerous busy office complexes throughout Houston.


In an Escape Room, You Have to Beat the Clock:

Tourists in Houston can join in on the trend of “escape rooms,” where participants have an hour to solve a series of puzzles and escape a sealed room using just a set of clues and a limited amount of time. The fascinating storylines in The Escape Game range from solving a mystery in an underground laboratory at The Depths to breaking out of prison after being given a life sentence to finding a stolen masterpiece.

Go to the Houston Museum of Natural Science:

The Museum of Natural Science in Houston is considered the city’s finest museum, boasting four stories’ worth of permanent exhibitions and a wide variety of interactive displays. There are thousands of artifacts from various walks of life and periods on display, from Native American culture to paleontology to seashells and local animals, in specially designed halls like the Wiess Energy Hall and the Hall of Ancient Egypt.

On a Food tour, you Can Try Food From all Over Houston:

As with every place, there are valid and exaggerated generalizations about Texas. Houston’s food culture lives up to its reputation: quantities are enormous, the cuisine is exquisite, and the Tex-Mex influence is unrivaled. Hungry tourists can try as many as ten different types of cooking on a guided culinary tour of Astroville, Downtown, or The Heights, including Asian specialties, Mexican standards, authentic American barbecue, and much more.

Visit the Downtown Aquarium with the Kids:

The Downtown Aquarium is more than simply a large aquarium (500,000 gallons large, to be exact) with fish, sharks, touch pools, and educational displays. The aquatic carousel, the Shark Voyage adventure train, and the Ferris wheel are crowd-pleasers.

Allot a full day to explore Hermann Park:

More than six million people visit this urban park each year, and many of them take advantage of the park’s free walking tours, which cover much of the park’s 445 acres (or about 180 hectares). There are many things to see and do in the park, including the Houston Zoo, McGovern Lake, Bob’s Fishing Pier, and the Butterfly House at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, which borders the park on the north.

Take a Picture of Yourself in Front of the Houston Graffiti Building:

Artists and art enthusiasts will find the Houston Graffiti Building the ideal location for updating their online personas with a fresh profile photo. It is located inside a few blocks of repurposed industrial buildings, all covered from floor to ceiling in vibrant street art, including murals, slogans, scratchy tags, and a traditional enormous sign proclaiming “Houston.”