A Comprehensive Agency Guide on Multilingual SEO and It’s Correlation with Voice Searches

Google at this time is capable of identifying more than a hundred languages with voice search, thereby improving UX. However, this factor can be difficult for website owners specifically those who handle traffic from various parts of the globe. If they want to accommodate potential customers from all over the world, they have to come up with an SEO strategy that focuses not only on a local audience, but an international one as well.

For ideas on multilingual voice search SEO, do read pointers in this article.

What Is Multilingual Voice Search SEO And What Are Its Benefits?

Multilingual SEO refers to an SEO practice that modifies websites to accommodate target audiences that make use of multilinguistic searches. The practice engages translating a website page, utilizing proper keywords and suitably optimizing the page.

If you want to extend your business to an international audience, you have to cater to their specific languages while at the same time, rank them as needed. To achieve this, you have to come up with a proper multilingual SEO strategy.

Multilingual SEO has its benefits and they are the following:

• It helps businesses prosper since multilingual SEO helps personalize your business’ offerings to international visitors. It gives an impression to global audiences that they are valued too.
• A good 51% of internet users employ voice search before purchasing a product, thereby making it the current wave of internet searches.
• The practice helps expand the reach of websites by accommodating multilanguage searches.

Using Multilingual SEO For Voice Search

Here are some pointers on how to optimize websites using multilingual SEO for voice searches.

1. Proper Independent Keyword Research

When it comes to multilingual SEO, you have to do some research on proper keywords to use. A keyword or phrase that has significant search volume in a specific language might not be workable once it’s translated in a different language.

What website owners should do is choose phrases from their main site, translate them and come up with supplementary, relevant keywords and assess them in keyword search tools to check for search volume.

In addition, voice search keywords differ from standard keywords since you have to apply an instinctive approach to it. Understand the mind of your target market and grasp whatever they think or speak when doing internet searches and the manner in which they do it. Use these phrases to supplement keyword search and create a list with little competition and significant search volume as primary factors.

2. Content Translation

As soon as you have come up with a keyword list that requires optimization, it’s time to translate the content of your site and optimize it along with the keywords.

Getting the help of a human translator who can fluently speak the vernacular of your target language is considered to be the best approach when translating websites. The human translator must line up the translated content with the tone and quality of the main website down pat as well.

3. Use of the Hreflang Annotation

Hreflang annotation is essential for websites that feature several versions in various languages to accommodate international audiences. It allows Google to recognize which webpage to present to a specific user. For instance, if you want German visitors to land on the German version of your website, the Hreflang annotation will guide that particular audience to the appropriate site.

Prevent duplication by using alternate tags for the different versions of your original website. The tags will prevent Google from penalizing your site for violations.

4. Utilize the Right URL Structure

Coming up with a working multilingual SEO strategy means saving a variety of website versions using the same domain. Website owners have to produce a URL structure for every version of the site so search engines can help users land on the appropriate webpage.

There are lots of URLS available for multilanguage sites and every option has its advantages and disadvantages. Just pick the one that meets your preferences.

5. Content Writing Styles

When it comes to optimizing sites for multilanguage voice searches, the content writing style should be taken care of as well. The best content must have a conversational tone instead of an academic one. Clarity of the content should not be overlooked.

In addition, voice searches in particular are mostly in question form thus brief, concise paragraphs that provide answers and FAQ sections as content are more advisable for such queries.

Make customers from all over the world feel welcome to drop by your site anytime by accommodating them according to the language they use. A solid multilinguistic SEO agency Houston strategy for voice searches is an effective tool to use not only for boosting web traffic and conversions; it also helps you prepare for the future of search engine queries.

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5 Premium Car Rentals in Houston

Renting premium cars is becoming popular these days. Either you’re planning to travel with your family or celebrating an important occasion, premium car rentals give you an opportunity to enjoy luxury and comfort while renting their cars. Here are some of the premium car rentals in your area if you are residing in Houston.

1. Fifth Rent-a-car

Fifth Rent-a-car is an affordable car rental service in Houston. They offer a wide range of vehicles that you can choose from. This car rental service has a large variety of cars, trucks and SUVs. You can definitely find which car is perfect for your needs. You can select from the mid-size to the full size types of vehicles they offer. Not to mention renting here is an easy and quick process.

Looking to impress your girl? Consider renting the exotic sports car from Fifth Rent-A-Car. Try their Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupe for less than $900 a day and no doubt you and your girlfriend will definitely have a great time on the road.

2. Uptown Exotic Car Rentals

Sports Car? Luxury Car? Or SUVs? Pick from the class that best fits your taste. Uptown Exotic Car Rentals has a large category of cars that you can choose from according to your needs and preferences. They have a broad selection you can opt for. You may also select from a lineup of foreign and domestic vehicles. Who says you cannot drive a luxury car? Drive your dream car during your holiday vacation with Uptown Exotic Car Rentals.

Uptown Exotic Car Rentals is the perfect go to when all you want is to get a taste of your dream car without having to pay for the entire cost of buying it. Rent it for a day or a week, it’s up to you. Just make sure to provide all the needed information when you sign up for a reservation.

3. Carbon Auto Group

One of the best car rentals in Houston is the Carbon Auto Group. They provide specialized all-inclusive services for you. They offer chauffeur services including a 4 to 5 hour minimum depending on your selected vehicle, perfect for someone traveling to and from the airport, wedding ceremonies and special events. They also offer elite services.

Carbon Auto Group takes pride in the fact that they only showcase vehicles on their website that are actually available in their current inventory. That goes to say that if you don’t see the car you prefer on their website, chances are high that they also don’t have it in their inventory. But don’t worry because they have a wide range of vehicles which will absolutely satisfy your needs and meet your preferences.

4. Akama Lifestyle

Akama Lifestyle aims to give you the best luxury and exotic travel experiences. Their services extend from exotics cars, yachts to jets. You can pick from Sprinter vans, Audis, BMWs, Cadillacs, Chevies and many more. Experience the vehicles of your dreams with the Akama Lifestyle. Do you want the Audi Q8, the Bentley Bentayga or the Cadillac Escalade? If you’re not certain which one to rent, relax. They have their staff who are willing to present to you the features of each car and which one is most likely to satisfy your preferences.

5. Exotic Cars Houston Texas

Do you want to rent a Convertible Ferrari 458 Italia for your holiday vacation in Houston? Exotic Cars Houston Texas has it for you. With various cars they offer, you’ll surely have a hard time choosing the best vehicle for your next vacation. Visit the famous places in Houston with the perfect car you’ve picked from Exotic Cars Houston Texas.

Experience the best trips in life with your dream cars. You can drive them without buying them. Visit any of these car rental services and choose the perfect vehicle for your vacation or occasion.

4 Best Hair Salons in Houston

Bored of your usual hairstyle? Maybe it’s time to get a makeover and treat yourself. You know you deserve it. There’s a lot of great salons in Houston, Texas, and you deserve only the best. Besides, when was the last time you rewarded yourself and had fun? So, here are the top 4 salons in Houston that will help you achieve the hairstyle you’ve been dying to try.

1. The Upper Hand

The Upper Hand Salon has been making both men and women glamorous since 1996. They have three salons in Houston: Hyde Park, Royal Oaks, and River Oaks which are all located at Westheimer Road. You know they are one the best because all three salons are award-winning and have been featured over 150 times on television. The Upper Hand has also been included five times at Elle Magazine’s Top 100 Salons.

They offer different services such as haircuts, highlights, hair colors, hair extensions, waxing, threading, manicure, pedicure, keratin treatments, and a lot more. The Upper Hand Salon has professional and skilled stylists who listen to customers. They are open from Mondays to Sundays. Go set an appointment now and be prepared to get a lot of compliments once you step out of the salon.

2. Trademark Salon and Spa

Located at Loutta Road, Houston, Texas, Trademark Salon Spa opened in April 2008. They started with two chairs and then grew into four until a guest took a chance on them and here they are now, stronger than ever. They have a wide range of services to offer like hair color, extension, haircut, makeup, and different hair treatments. All of their stylists are masters of their trade. The hair experts will tell you how the process is done and educate you about the treatment.

The salon is open from Mondays to Saturdays and is available by appointment only. They specialize in color correction and different extension methods such as Natural Beaded Rows and Fusion Extensions.

3. Shine in the Heights Salon

Do you want to shine from the inside out? Try Shine in the Heights and see how it feels to be glowing from within and outside. They have two salons in Houston, TX. One in E. 11th St. and the other one in Heights Boulevard. They are open from Tuesdays to Saturdays and closed during Mondays.

The great thing about this salon is you can bring the whole family with you. They provide services for women, men, and even kids. The stylists at Shine in the Heights salon are well-trained and are always updated with the latest trends. They have numerous one-of-a-kind hair treatments that will surely make you shine bright after your visit with them.

4. Amy Hieu Hair Salon

Damaged hair? Let the team of Amy Hieu save your hair from further damage and bring them back to life. The owner Amy Hieu has over 20 years of experience in the salon industry. She and her team will make sure you get the best hair experience when you stepped out of their salon.

Amy Hieu Hair Salon is located at Bellaire Blvd. Houston and had been providing hair needs in the district and surrounding areas. The nice thing about this salon is that they take the time to examine your hair and give suggestions on the best way to treat them. If they think your hair is badly damaged or needs a rest from chemicals first, they will let you know. They are known for fixing bad hair jobs from other salons, so before you become a victim, go straight to Amy Hieu and save yourself from a hair disaster.

Call your friends now and book an appointment in one of these salons. It will be a great bonding experience.

Best 8 Things To do in Houston

Houston has a wide variety of exciting attractions, including a thriving theater scene, a fascinating museum district, adjacent amusement parks, a thriving craft beer scene, and a passionate sports fan base.

Spend the Day at the NASA Space Center Pretending to be an Astronaut:

Visit NASA’s Space Center and experience the wonders of space travel and the life of an astronaut for a day! At this Houston landmark, visitors can learn about the history of space exploration, observe astronauts in training, and examine authentic spaceships, astronaut uniforms, and interplanetary equipment. Visit the NASA cafeteria for some delicious out-of-this-world muffins and try out the anti-gravity equipment at the Living in Space gallery.

Houston Has a Complex System of Tunnels Beneath the City That You Should Check out:

Houston is home to North America’s most extensive underground tunnel system; exploring it with a knowledgeable guide on any given day is a guaranteed good time. More than 7.5 miles long, the intricate tunnel system connects numerous busy office complexes throughout Houston.


In an Escape Room, You Have to Beat the Clock:

Tourists in Houston can join in on the trend of “escape rooms,” where participants have an hour to solve a series of puzzles and escape a sealed room using just a set of clues and a limited amount of time. The fascinating storylines in The Escape Game range from solving a mystery in an underground laboratory at The Depths to breaking out of prison after being given a life sentence to finding a stolen masterpiece.

Go to the Houston Museum of Natural Science:

The Museum of Natural Science in Houston is considered the city’s finest museum, boasting four stories’ worth of permanent exhibitions and a wide variety of interactive displays. There are thousands of artifacts from various walks of life and periods on display, from Native American culture to paleontology to seashells and local animals, in specially designed halls like the Wiess Energy Hall and the Hall of Ancient Egypt.

On a Food tour, you Can Try Food From all Over Houston:

As with every place, there are valid and exaggerated generalizations about Texas. Houston’s food culture lives up to its reputation: quantities are enormous, the cuisine is exquisite, and the Tex-Mex influence is unrivaled. Hungry tourists can try as many as ten different types of cooking on a guided culinary tour of Astroville, Downtown, or The Heights, including Asian specialties, Mexican standards, authentic American barbecue, and much more.

Visit the Downtown Aquarium with the Kids:

The Downtown Aquarium is more than simply a large aquarium (500,000 gallons large, to be exact) with fish, sharks, touch pools, and educational displays. The aquatic carousel, the Shark Voyage adventure train, and the Ferris wheel are crowd-pleasers.

Allot a full day to explore Hermann Park:

More than six million people visit this urban park each year, and many of them take advantage of the park’s free walking tours, which cover much of the park’s 445 acres (or about 180 hectares). There are many things to see and do in the park, including the Houston Zoo, McGovern Lake, Bob’s Fishing Pier, and the Butterfly House at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, which borders the park on the north.

Take a Picture of Yourself in Front of the Houston Graffiti Building:

Artists and art enthusiasts will find the Houston Graffiti Building the ideal location for updating their online personas with a fresh profile photo. It is located inside a few blocks of repurposed industrial buildings, all covered from floor to ceiling in vibrant street art, including murals, slogans, scratchy tags, and a traditional enormous sign proclaiming “Houston.”